Packaging and Removal

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Packaging and removal of your consignment should be an easy task if the personnel are very conversant with the scope of work. The primary objective of Willfreight Express Cargo Project is to address the needs of families and individuals who are planning to move.

If you are looking for a packaging services company specialized for removals, this is the right place. We offer packaging services for furniture, equipment and other objects for local and national moving services.

Moving is our specialty. We act quickly, efficiently and in full cooperation with you to make your move as smooth as possible. You can count on our expert services! We carry out packaging and removal services for consignments originating from, consigned to, routed through, and/or moved within the geographic area(s) of Kenya.

We provide managerial, administrative, direct labor personnel, materials and transportation functions that are necessary to accomplish packaging and removal services. Here, you can find a removals packing service to meet your needs and budget.

Just have a look at our incredible services and make your mind up which one is accurate for you.