Willfreight Express Cargo Services provides a professional and highly advanced system for handling and transportation of hazardous and dangerous cargo for our esteemed clients. We offer Hazardous Handling Agent Service which is internationally rendered for firearms, fire alarm products, gases, flammable liquids, combustible products, toxic poisonous substances, corrosives, radioactive elements, dry ice substances, all kinds of oxidizing agents, magnetized materials and other miscellaneous goods. We provide all the necessary equipment as regulated by international standards in handling chemicals and such related cargo in consideration of the client, staff, and environment’s safety. Our Hazardous Handling Agent service ensures careful packaging and timely delivery of the cargo keeping in mind the packaging norms as required as per the good in transit. IDSL also provides the client with On-Site Packing Service for their peace of mind and satisfaction. The client is also able to track the state and movement of their product to the intended destination.